Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sporting Events!

This has been an exciting sports filled month! I have been so lucky! I have got to go to three Jazz games... one in a suite and two other courtside on the 26th row!It was AWESOME! Not to mention my crush on their new forward guard #26 Kyle Korver! He is a looker! Like everyone says he looks like Ashton Kutcher! Ashton is HOT! ;) What do you think.... (The middle one is Kyle... just in case you couldn't tell.)

I LOVE JAZZ GAMES! They are SO fun! GO JAZZ!!!

Games I attended: Jazz VS Toronto Raptors; March 17th
(St. Patrick's Day! You know i wore my green!)

Jazz VS Seatle Sonics; March 22nd
(This was the game I was in a suite)

Jazz VS San Antonio Spurs; April 4th
(This game was UNBELIEVEABLE!!!)

This month I was also lucky enough to attend my first Utah Blaze game! For any of you who may not know about the Blaze it is indoor arena football! It was a blast (even though the Blaze aren't so good.) It felt like I was watching Weber high's football team (no offense) ha ha but it was still SO fun! I would definately recommend going at least once!