Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rogers' News

My brother Justin is getting married to Nicole Parry on August 5th! I couldn't be happier! She is incredible and will be a great addition to our family!

My Sister Chelese is have another baby! YEAH! I'll be an aunt... AGAIN! She is due in November!

Our family is growing and I love it!

Summer Lovin'!!!

Don't let the title of this post fool you to think i have some hunk on the side that i'm loving ha i'm just loving SUMMER! I am out of school and just playing! Lots of trips and enjoying the outdoors! I've been hiking around ogden, rock climbing alot, little bit of long boarding and you name it... i've probably been doing it ;) I had the chance to go to to Haylie Miller's wedding in San Deigo. It was a quick trip but it was alot of fun! I'll post picture of it soon. I also had a chance to go to Moab with my family last week. We had a BLAST! My brother was up from PA (phyician's assistant) school in Arizona so we got to hang out the whole time. We went rock climbing alot while we were in Moab. We did all the other fun stuff Moab has to offer as well. I love that place. It's always a rocking good time! ;) I'll post pictures of that soon too! I'm off to Lake Powell this Thursday! I CAN'T wait! If i don't get pictures posted before I leave i'll put a bunch on when i get back! I love you all and hope everyone else is enjoying the summer too!