Thursday, July 31, 2008


Just in case one of you didn't get the memo.... i'm a TERRIBLE blogger! Please just love me anyways! This summer has been alot of fun! Lots of trips, lots of work and alot of change! I moved out with Ashley Smith, Lexi Coy, Skye Taylor, and Tori (I don't know her last name). We live in a house by Weber State! It rocks! Stay tuned for pictures of our bachelorette pad!!! We moved in the first of July and it has been a BLAST! I am so grateful to have the chance to live with such awesome gals!

Trips for this summer as i have mentioned in other posts have included:
  • San Diego, California
  • Moab, Utah
  • Lake Powell (WhaWeap), Utah
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
And yet to come this summer are:
  • Guatemala (Chimaltenango)
  • Lake Powell (Bullfrog), Utah
I'm afraid that with all this playing i'm never going to want to go back to school!!!

I promised i'd post some pictures so here you go!!!

San Diego


Lake Powell

I will be making a slide show cuz they are so many great pics! So, watch for that... It was such a fun trip!

I was lucky enough to get to go to Lake Powell! i'll put a few of the picture on here. It was a great trip and eventful too! I spit my head open. Long story short someone didn't strap a wakeboard in the rack and while I was innocently sitting in the boat while we went for a luxury boat ride a board flew off the rack and the fin caught me right in the noggin! Just in case you didn't know... wakeboards and cabasa's don't mix well! I got a lovely 3 inch gash to the top of my head. It bled everywhere! ha ha I was okay. Some thought i should have got sticthes cuz it was so deep, but i didn't want them. The bleeding stopped so i was fine. I didn't let it slow me down. I partied my little heart out! I LOVE LAKE POWELL! I really feel like it is my heaven on earth!


I went to Ohio over the fourth of July and saw the best fireworks I've seen yet. I went to visit Brigham Burton. He is awesome! We had a blast. We went to the fireworks, a Cincinnati Red's baseball game, an amusment park called King's Island, and toured Columbus. It was awesome! We even saw the Batmobile!!!

Jackson Hole

I'm still waiting to get my pictures on here from Jackson Hole. We Went river rafting with my singles ward.
Yet to come:
I'm going to Guatemala to help in an orphanage on August 8th for two weeks. I'm so excited! It will be a great experience! I'll for sure post about this when i get back! ;)